Unlocking the Future

I previously discussed how I feel about looking for a job and how hard it is to go through that process. The reality is as much as I might not like it its unavoidable if I'm going to unlock the future that I want. So, as my internship with Outreachy wraps up I'm beginning to apply for positions and am overall feeling more confident.

Woman holding glass ball with reflection inside

In preparation for the job hunt I've been doing a lot of reflection. When learning something new its important to do this occasionally since its so easy to get stuck focusing on what you don't know yet and to forget about what you have learned. When I look back at myself and my work from even just 6 months ago I realize that I'm further along than I expected to be and that feels really good.

The trick is how to convey to hiring managers the skills I have and how I can add value to their teams.

Figuring out the process

I attended a career workshop recently hoping to get some insight on needed skills like preparing a resume that makes it past the first screening, writing effective cover letters, etc.. Unfortunately, the session never made it further then how to find a career that is right for you, and so those skills were never addressed.

At first I was annoyed and felt like I had wasted my evening, but the more I thought about it the more I realized how it helped solidify that I was most definitely on the right path. As I listened to the others in the room struggle with not knowing exactly what career they would find fulfilling it felt good to know with certainty that I knew what I wanted to do.

With this in mind I've found it a bit easier to approach the process and am able to write cover letters with more of a personal honesty instead of just trying to find the 'right' words. I'm not one to apply to a job that I don't feel would be a good fit based on the company, the position, and the descriptions given; so when writing my cover letters I'm simply addressing why I truly feel that the position would be a good fit.

"Passion led us here"

This is also how I've been tackling the application questions (when there are questions). It makes it so much easier to complete these when I just write from the heart, and then proofread to make sure my intention is clear and that it addresses the points I feel are important.

Time will tell

I'm feeling more confident that the right opportunity will come along, and it feels good to be more at ease with the process. We'll have to wait and see what happens from here, but at least I'm not as overwhelmed by it all anymore.

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