Half Way There...

As usual, time has a way of passing much faster than we expect, and I now find myself at the half-way point of my internship. I figured this would be a good time to look back and see what I've accomplished so far and look forward at what I plan to finish before the internship ends.

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As I mentioned before, towards the end of the original contribution period for Outreachy I was working on a larger contribution. So for the first week or so of the internship I was finishing up that project while the team finalized which task I would work on as my primary internship task. The final decision was that I would implement the ability for users to add comments within the application instead of having to rely on outside communication tools.

As of now, I'm finishing up the first phase which allows for comments to be added to individual translations. Once this is completed I will be moving on and adding the ability to leave comments on a team level. Since many of the elements have already been put in place during the first phase, I suspect that the team level comments will come together pretty smoothly.

I've really enjoyed working on this project as it has allowed me to continue developing my skills in both the back end and the front end code. In fact, I have even been able to learn a new language and framework since prior to this project I had never coded in Python or used Django before. There have definitely been challenges, but between research, being able to draw from my previous work, and asking my mentors for guidance they have thankfully been short lived.

I suspect the second half of the internship is going to be bittersweet. While I will continue to progress and learn and have a really nice project to showcase at the end, each day will also be bringing me closer to that end. The one thing that will make it a little bit easier is the fact that its an open source project. So, even when the internship is complete I'll still be able to contribute and follow along with the progress of the project. That definitely helps it feel a bit less sad.

At any rate, I plan to take all that I've learned through this experience and use that to motivate and inform me as I continue on this journey. Here's to another fantastic 6 weeks of growth!! Cheers!

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