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Learning to Lean Into the Struggle...

At some point while coding you will get stuck. I don't say that to be negative, it's just a fact. No matter how long you've been coding you will have times when you struggle to find the solution you need. The key is in how you handle those moments. When you are newer to coding […]

My experience applying to Outreachy

When you make the decision to transition into a new career it's fair to say that it might be difficult to get your first opportunity. After all, you are competing with others who already have experience. So, when I learned about the Outreachy internship program I was excited to apply as it seemed like just […]

Contributing to Open Source

Open source coding is intimidating.... but it's often recommended to start contributing to open source projects as a way to improve your skills. It seemed like such good advice but I didn't know how to get started. So many times I would go to GitHub and try to find projects I could contribute to, and […]

Decisions, Detours, and Doubts...

When learning something on your own it is easy to let your doubts take over. There are days when it all seems to come together, and there are days when you aren't sure you should continue. At times it becomes easier to listen to the doubts, especially when a new, exciting possibility enters your space. […]

My first online course - CS50

I never would have called myself an Ivy League candidate, so I was a little surprised that I decided to give Harvard's CS50 - Introduction to Computer Science a try as my first foray into coding. Harvard offers this course free through edx.org (there are paid options, but at its base it's free), so, I […]

How did I become a web developer...

If someone would have suggested I think about becoming a web developer 5 years ago I would have thought they were crazy. I grew up with a brother who was good at all things computers and electronics. To me, it was magic that only certain people had the ability to be good at. However, I […]

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